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3 Twitter Mistakes Businesses KEEP Making..

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I only just recently learned to appreciate Twitter for what it really is- a great way to SHARE information. The problem most businesses using Twitter have is that they DON’T appreciate Twitter, and they certainly don’t SHARE.

4 Blogs to Get Your Geek On With…

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Get your geek on with a quick PODCAST update for you today!

Between launching a couple of new businesses this week and fighting the stomach flu, I haven’t had two seconds to write anything, but thanks to the wonderful world of podcasting, that’s not about to stop us, is it?

It’s all about Location Independence, Entrepreneurship, and Blogging, just like it always is here at Life’s Early Adapter- now in convenient audio form!




Big Changes for this Blog …and in Life!

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If there is theme to 2012, it is “Change”.

My original intention with this blog was not only to share the tech tools that I come across during my quest for location independence and entrepreneurship, but also to document the ups and downs of the journey as well.  There are certain milestones along thay road, and I’ ve been fortunate enough to reach several big ones as of late. Among them:

5 Things I Can’t Wait For in ’12

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Obviously launching the various ends of Connecting Concepts LLC (including, but not limited to ThatsSHOWbids.com which goes into beta testing in just a couple of weeks), and moving to Florida are given’s. Here are 5 bonuses that Location Independence and entrepreneurship promise for 2012….


1. Being able to work out in the early afternoon when I naturally have the most energy and motivation.

2. Getting at least 30 minutes of outdoor time a day during the winter months without worrying about getting pneumonia.

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